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An open work permit is very much different to that of a regular work permit. The open work permit does not specify the name of an employer or a job in specific. In general, the name of the employer and the type of job is usually mentioned on the Canadian Work Permits, and that work permit specifies some rules and regulations related to the time frame and other things to work for a specific employer. On the other side, an open work permit allows a candidate to work for any employer in Canada, in any capacity.

Moreover, an open work permit doesnot require the applicant to attain an offer of employment as well as a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

On the basis of Candian immigration rules, an open work permit me be applied by;

  • Common Law parters or Spouses as a temporary foreign workers fallin under the NOC 0,A or B.
  • Common Law parters or Spouses as foreign students engaged in full-time study.
  • Those international students who have been successful in recent graduation from a Canadian post-secondary institution.
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