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Business visitor in Canada is defined as someone who does not wish to directly be a part of Canada labor market, instead, he or she is a foreign national who intends to participate in activities related to international business.

Business Visitor Visa Qualifications & Requirements:

  • The applicants need to prove that their main source of income is from outside Canada.
  • The applicant who is applying for this type of visa should not have any criminal records or health issues.

Business Visitor Visa Documents:

The main documents required to apply for this visa are:

  • An invitation from the Canada organization to the foreign applicant
  • A letter from the foreign company which proves that the applicant is employed full time by the company
  • A verification letter which states that the applicant does not intent to come to Canada for employment
  • A copy which includes the after sales agreement.
  • A copy of data page in passport
  • A resume which proves that the applicant has relevant experience to conduct the training and that they are fully employed by the foreign company and are entering for conducting the training on a specific product or service
  • An itinerary which clearly shows the activities from starting to ending after entering Canada
  • A proof which establishes that there are sufficient ties to the applicant home country.

Things You Need To Do After Getting The Business Visitor Visa:

  • You should obtain a valid travel document so that you can travel to Canada.
  • You need to provide updated address and contact information.
  • You should go through the medical exams if required
  • Prepare yourself for the arrival
  • You need to extend your visa permission if you need to stay more days.

Note: There are a few countries which are exempt from applying for a Business Visitor visa. If this applies to you, you can enter Canada as an Implied Business Visitor.

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