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Prince Edward Island Skilled Worker Stream (Outside Canada)

The Skilled Workers stream has been designed to give an opportunity to the applicants who want to work in the province of Prince Edward Island. Through this stream, you can be able to apply for the nomination in order to become eligible for permanent residency. This stream is an employer- driven that allows an employer to fill up the vacant positions, for which they could not find a worker in the local market.


In order to be eligible for the PEI Skilled worker stream, you must;

  • Reach the minimum score of 50 points on the Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Have a legal status in the country where he/she is residing.
  • Be able to present himself/herself in an interview at the Immigration Office if required.
  • Be sufficiently proficient in the English and/or French Language in order to perform the job being offered.
  • Be able to show sufficient funds and resources in order to pay the immigration costs that includes; travel expenses. For himself/herself and the family which would live and establish in PEI.
  • Have to be the between the 21 and 59.
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of full time work experience in the period of past 5 years.
  • Have a strong intention to live and settle in PEI.

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