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Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur

The province of Nova Scotia offers a program ‘International Graduate Entrepreneur’ for fresh graduates of a Nova Scotia university or community college. The core requirement is that the applicant must have already bought a business in the province and had operated it for at least a year. If the applicant intends to permanently reside in Nova Scotia, he/she might be considered for a permanent resident status. Though, application to this stream is by invitation only.


In order to apply for this program, applicant must:

  • Intend to live in Nova Scotia permanently while owning and managing a business based in the same region
  • Have minimum one year experience actively owning and managing a Nova Scotia business
  • Have completed a degree or diploma after studying for at least two years of full-time, in-person study at a university or a community college in Nova Scotia
  • Possess a valid post-graduation work permit
  • Score at least 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark in speaking, reading, listening and writing test for English or French
  • Submit an online Expression of Interest
  • Receive an invitation to apply from the office of Nova Scotia Immigration
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